The CNT is based upon the teachings of members of the High-Correll family. The High-Correll family were descended from a line of Cherokee Didanvwisgi who intermarried with a line of Scottish Traditional Witches, whose descendants were further influenced by Aradian Witchcraft and by the Spiritualist Church. Correllianism puts a strong emphasis on the philosophical aspects of Wicca, and on the spirituality and inner mysteries of the Wiccan religion, but liturgically our beliefs do not especially differ from those of other Wiccan Traditions. Rather it is our attitudes toward the Pagan community and its future that tend to set us apart. The CNT is dedicated to the advancement of the Pagan people. We believe strongly in the need for increased communication and co-operation between Pagans everywhere, from all Traditions. We stress the importance of the Pagan Clergy as teachers and facilitators, and the need for a strong public presence.

The CNT emphasizes celebratory as well as initiatory Wicca and considers itself to be a form of American Traditional Wicca as opposed to British Traditional Wicca. That is to say that Correllianism is Wiccan in the same sense that Dianic Wicca, American Celtic Wicca, or Eclectic Wicca are Wiccan, not as Gardnerian Wicca or Alexandrian Wicca are Wiccan. For more info pertaining to the history of the CNT, visit the website.

The one thing that makes Correllian Wicca different from many other Traditions of Wicca is that we are a unified Tradition with a single leadership. Although increasing numbers of Correllian Temples have their own incorporation, they are they are all part of one Tradition, an inter-dependent whole which stands together as a family. The entire world-wide Tradition has a single structure allowing us to act together as few other Traditions can.

The leading bodies of the Correllian Tradition include; The Witan Council, which is made up of all Temple Heads , Elders, and Officers of the Tradition; And the Correllian Council of Elders which includes the Heads and Officers of the Tradition, and its most respected members. Most Rev. Don Lewis and Rt. Rev. Traci Logan Wood are the First Priest and First Priestess of Tradition responsible for representing the Traditions leadership. The leadership of the Tradition includes the Traditions Heads and Officers.

The CNTSA is represented by Rt. Rev. Raene Packery who is the Regional Elder of Africa. Lady Raene also serves as the Registrar/Executive Head and is responsible for overseeing all local administration, which includes approving, recording and updating membership records and clergy applications, as well as nominating marriage officers.

All South African members and clergy of the CNT fall under the auspices of the CNTSA. Our Temples are chartered directly through the CNT and are run independently by the chartered Temple Head.